The Massimo Group Launches Revolutionary Massimobile Pipeline Tracking and Business Planning App for CRE Brokers

The Massimo Group Launches Revolutionary Massimobile Pipeline Tracking and Business Planning App for CRE Brokers

The Massimo Group launches the Massimobile App, a comprehensive tool for CRE brokers that offers pipeline tracking, business planning, and AI-driven coaching. The app aims to streamline workflows and boost productivity, launching June 4th.

The Massimo Group, a leader in commercial real estate (CRE) brokerage coaching, proudly announces the launch of the Massimobile App, an innovative tool designed to elevate the business practices of CRE brokers. The app will be available starting June 4, 2024, at

Designed with the unique needs of CRE brokers in mind, the Massimobile App offers an all-in-one solution to track, train, and transform their business operations. With features that include a best-in-class pipeline tracker, a comprehensive scorecard, access to a vast video library, and advanced AI bots, the Massimobile App aims to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and ultimately drive greater business success.

The Massimobile App’s pipeline tracker provides users with real-time analysis of their business health, allowing them to focus their efforts on areas that yield the best results. By using the scorecard feature, brokers can track key metrics, identify successful strategies, and address areas that need improvement.

Rod Santomassimo, founder and president of The Massimo Group, stated, “The Massimobile App is a game-changer for CRE brokers. Our goal is to provide tools that not only simplify their daily tasks but also empower them to achieve greater success. With this app, brokers have everything they need to grow their business right in the palm of their hand.”

The app’s business planning tools, rooted in The Massimo Group’s proprietary methods, help brokers set clear goals and devise strategic plans to achieve them. The extensive video library, featuring over 400 training videos on topics such as prospecting, marketing, team building, and presentations, offers invaluable insights and best practices.

One of the most innovative features of the Massimobile App is its AI bots. These bots assist brokers in role-playing scenarios, help with closing deals, and even provide virtual coaching. This AI-driven approach ensures that users are well-prepared for any situation, enhancing their skills and boosting their confidence.

“The integration of AI technology in the Massimobile App sets it apart from other tools in the market,” added Santomassimo. “Our bots offer personalized coaching and support, helping brokers to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively.”

The Massimobile App’s features address the common challenges faced by CRE brokers. The app includes:

  • Pipeline Tracker: Provides up-to-date analysis of business health, helping brokers to allocate time and resources efficiently.
  • Scorecard: Tracks key metrics and identifies successful strategies.
  • Community Access: Connects users with a collaborative network of CRE professionals.
  • Business Planning Tools: Utilizes The Massimo Group’s proprietary methods for strategic planning and goal setting.
  • Extensive Video Library: Offers over 400 training videos covering all aspects of CRE.
  • AI Bots: Assists with role-playing, closing deals, and virtual coaching.

Rod Santomassimo expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, saying, “The Massimobile App is the culmination of fifteen years of coaching and development. We have designed it to meet the high standards and ambitious goals of CRE brokers. This app will provide the clarity, efficiency, and strategic direction they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.”

The Massimobile App is available for only $99 per month, with no commitments or contracts required. Brokers can start using the app immediately upon registration, gaining instant access to its comprehensive features and resources.

The launch of the Massimobile App marks a significant milestone for The Massimo Group and the CRE industry. By providing brokers with a powerful tool to manage their business operations, The Massimo Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping CRE professionals achieve unparalleled success.

About the company: Rod Santomassimo founded The Massimo Group, a community of CRE experts dedicated to the growth of dedicated commercial real estate agents. With over 30 Certified Massimo CRE Coaches, all of whom are active commercial real estate brokers, the group brings centuries of combined brokerage experience. Leveraging the Massimo Methods (TM) their coaching clients consistently out-earn their CRE peers by 7X. In the past year alone, Massimo Coaching Clients closed $2.6 billion in transaction value. This achievement is a testament to the group’s commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of their coaching methods. Rod’s journey, from facing early life challenges to becoming a thought leader in the CRE industry, is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated coaching. Since starting The Massimo Group during the Great Recession, Rod and his team have since helped over 4,100 commercial real estate brokers and owners, providing them with systems and processes to achieve their desired business and life goals. The Massimo Group continues to offer resources, including free downloads, assessments, webinars, and masterclasses, to aid commercial real estate professionals in achieving unparalleled success.

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