Revitalizing Miami’s Waterfront: Ben Ashkenazy’s Latest Venture with Pier 5 at Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace Miami Ben Ashkenazy

Ben Ashkenazy of Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, in collaboration with Breakwater Hospitality Group, recently spearheaded developments at Bayside Marketplace, introducing Pier 5 as a new beacon of entertainment and dining on Miami’s waterfront, the city’s vibrant lifestyle’s beating heart. This exciting venture not only redefines waterfront enjoyment but also highlights the ongoing transformation of Miami’s urban landscape.

Ben Ashkenazy’s Vision Comes to Life at Bayside Marketplace

Under the astute leadership of Ben Ashkenazy, Bayside Marketplace is a dynamic hub of activity and culture. With the addition of Pier 5, Ashkenazy’s commitment to enriching Miami’s entertainment scene shines through. This venue offers an unparalleled open-air, waterfront entertainment experience that captivates with exceptional food, refreshing beverages, and breathtaking skyline views.

Pier 5 Miami waterfront Bayside Marketplace Ben Ashkenazy

The Collaborative Triumph Behind Pier 5

The realization of Pier 5 as Miami’s latest waterfront dining and nightlife sensation is a collaborative triumph. Emi Guerra and Alex Mantecon from Breakwater Hospitality Group, along with Erick Passo from Black Market Miami, joined forces, bringing to life a space that perfectly embodies Miami’s energetic and inclusive spirit.

Discover the Heart of Miami at Bayside Marketplace

Established in 1987 along the scenic downtown waterfront, Bayside Marketplace, now home to Pier 5, shines as a symbol of Miami’s revitalization, drawing over 25 million annual visitors. This dynamic festival marketplace, next to the world’s busiest cruise ship terminal (drawing over 4 million cruise ship visitors from the likes of Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Virgin, and Norwegian each year) and just steps away from major attractions, serves as a central hub for both locals and tourists, contributing significantly to Miami’s vibrant city life.

A Destination of Diverse Cultural Experiences

Bayside Marketplace and Pier 5 together offer a kaleidoscope of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. With a wide array of tenants, from iconic brands to unique culinary delights, and entertainment venues like the Sky Observation Wheel and The Wharf, there’s an adventure for every visitor. Whether seeking a casual drink, a sophisticated dinner, or vibrant live entertainment, Bayside Marketplace and Pier 5 deliver experiences that are not just visits but cherished memories.

Pier 5 at Bayside Marketplace Miami Ben Ashkenazy

Why Bayside Marketplace and Pier 5 Are Must-Visits

The strategic location, diverse offerings, and magnetic pull of Bayside Marketplace, coupled with the allure of Pier 5, cement Miami’s status as a definitive destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. This unique blend of experiences, envisioned and brought to fruition by Ben Ashkenazy and his partners, invites everyone to partake in the dynamic energy and inclusive spirit of Miami.

Plan Your Visit and Join the Celebration

As Pier 5 opens its doors to the public, we invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Miami’s waterfront. This landmark project not only signifies strategic commercial real estate investment and visionary urban development but also celebrates the collaborative effort of all involved.

For those intrigued by the transformative impact of Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation on Miami and beyond, visit Ashkenazy Acquisition’s portfolio for a deeper dive into their impactful projects.

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