A Night of Achievements: Ventura and Knakal’s Honors at the 2024 Commercial Real Estate Red Awards

2024 Commercial Real Estate Red Awards for Bob Knakal and Jim Ventura

The 2024 Commercial Real Estate Red Awards, unfolded at the James Hotel in New York City on February 29, to mark the pinnacle of recognition for the industry’s most distinguished professionals. RED CONNECT hosts this event to celebrate those who have not only navigated but excelled within the complex and demanding realm of New York’s commercial property sector.

The Significance of the 2024 Commercial Real Estate Red Awards

The CRE Red Awards epitomize the pinnacle of achievement within the commercial real estate sector, honoring those who surpass the industry’s rigorous standards through innovation, customer satisfaction, and the consistent delivery of quality services and products.

These prestigious accolades spotlight outstanding achievements and highlight how professionals actively navigate and excel amidst economic shifts, technological advancements, and evolving market demands.

By celebrating excellence, the Red Awards also set the stage for future innovation, encouraging professionals and companies alike to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible in commercial real estate. In doing so, they not only recognize past and present success but also inspire the next generation of industry leaders to aspire to new heights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence that benefits the entire sector.

2024 Commercial Real Estate Red Awards

Bob Knakal’s Lifetime Achievement in Commercial Real Estate

This year, Bob Knakal received a well-deserved recognition with the Lifetime Achievement Award, a tribute to his monumental impact on real estate brokerage. Over the past four decades, Knakal has been a titan in the industry, his career defined by an unparalleled ability to navigate and influence the New York City market landscape.

With a record of closing deals on 2,329 buildings, amounting to over $22 billion in sales, his achievements are not just impressive; they are a testament to his visionary leadership and innovative deal-making prowess. Knakal’s approach to real estate has not only achieved success but has also redefined what success looks like in the industry, setting new standards for excellence and integrity. Receiving this prestigious award highlights Bob Knakal’s legacy, showcasing his relentless dedication, strategic innovation, and enduring impact, which have significantly reshaped New York City’s skyline.

Jim Ventura: Broker of the Year for Net Lease Investment Sales

This year’s Broker of the Year, Jim Ventura, stands out for his exceptional contributions to the net lease investment sales sector. As a Senior Managing Director and Operating Advisor at the NNN Pro Group, Ventura has spearheaded the team’s national expansion, establishing it as a leader in net-lease brokerage.

Since starting his real estate career in 1990, Ventura has sold over 1,000 properties, with a total value exceeding $4 billion. His reputation as a trusted advisor spans across high-net-worth individuals and family offices in the United States and Europe, reflecting his deep commitment and expertise in the field. Notably, Ventura has played pivotal roles in significant industry shifts, including leading the expansion of Massey Knakal Realty Services and opening Marcus & Millichap’s inaugural New York City office.

His passion for thoroughbred racehorse ownership and breeding, along with his role as a devoted family man, showcase his dedication beyond professional achievements. The industry honors Jim Ventura as Broker of the Year for net lease investment sales, highlighting his strategic leadership, vast market knowledge, and significant impact on the net lease investment landscape through his impactful career.

A Friendship That Inspires

Beyond their professional accolades, the friendship between Knakal and Ventura adds a profound narrative to the ceremony. From childhood companions to industry giants, their journey underscores a unique blend of personal connection and professional excellence. The moment Knakal presents Ventura with his award, it will symbolize a lifetime of mutual respect and shared aspirations.

A Celebration of Real Estate Industry Excellence

The Red Awards ceremony is more than an event; it is a recognition of the hard work, innovation, and perseverance that define the commercial real estate industry. It honors not just the achievements of the past year but also the potential for future innovation and success. As we look forward to this gala, the anticipation builds not just for the celebration of achievements but for the inspiration it promises to upcoming talents and the industry at large.


The Impact on the New York City Market

New York City’s commercial real estate market stands as one of the most dynamic and challenging in the world. The Red Awards highlight the individuals and companies that have not only met this challenge but have risen above it, setting new benchmarks for excellence. It’s an event that both reflects and sets trends, influencing the market in profound ways.

As the 2024 Red Awards approach, the commercial real estate community turns its eyes towards the James Hotel, where leaders like Bob Knakal and Jim Ventura will be honored. This event is not just about celebrating past achievements; it’s about inspiring future generations to innovate, excel, and continue the legacy of excellence in New York City’s commercial real estate sector.

Join us in honoring Jim Ventura and Bob Knakal on this night of recognition, inspiration, and celebration, marking another chapter in the industry’s ongoing story of success.


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